(Identity and Belonging; Communication)
The Yellow Light of the Lighthouse

Dalia, Zilvinas and Gediminas from Lithuania will tell their version of the oldest and most well known story of Egle, Queen of the Snakes, from Lithuania. They will use no words; only paper and other objects to tell the story. They are professional musicians and will use folk song and the beautiful Kankles instrument to accompany the actions.

The concept behind the folk tale is acceptance. People and snakes live in different worlds but they may meet and communicate only where the water meets the land in the yellow light of the lighthouse…

Friday 26th February
10.30-10.55 / 11.15-11.40 / 12.00-12.25

(Bookings for open preschool/creche groups only – one per workshop)
14.00-14.25 / 14.35-15.00 / 15.10-15.45
(3 individual family bookings per event only)

Age: 4-6 years
Duration: 25 Mins

About Teatriukas Theatre Company

Teatriukas is a theatre company for young audiences which was one of the first independent companies to be established after the fall of communism. Dalia and Zilvinas believe that creativity brings out the best in children and that theatre is for everyone! Heritage is very important in Lithuania and their use of fairytale in a modern context fits beautifully with the Aistear theme of Identity and Belonging! How can we tell a story without using words? Lets explore music as a means of communication together in this workshop.

Teatriukas Theatre (Lithuania) – Music and Drama