With Rebecca Gilbert. The Irish Institute of Music and Song.

Discover the soothing, calming and bonding benefits of singing to your baby, in a relaxed and friendly environment. This workshop has been specifically devised for parents of babies from Newborns to 9 months, but all are welcome to enjoy! No singing experience necessary.

Rebecca Gilbert is a specialist Early Years musician at the Irish Institute of Music and Song. Rebecca is a multi-instrumentalist herself who believes strongly in fostering foundational musical knowledge in toddlers and young children as a vital stage of music education. However, these workshops are not just for the kiddies – parents and guardians are welcome to take part and get involved! The material is accessible and fun! Using skills learned as a conductor, barbershop singer (and National Champion) and medical doctor, the workshops are designed to be highly engaging and absolutely crammed with musical tools to help any child to express themselves. This workshop has been devised through the Health & Wellness programme at the Irish Institute of Music and Song.

Tuesday 23rd February
10.00am -10.25 (8 families only)

Age: 0-11 months