Story workshop with Svetlana Patafta (Puna Kuca Theatre, Croatia)

Every home is special in one way or another.
It radiates like a lighthouse on the sea.
Every person is special and radiates unique energy,

emotions, thoughts and creativity.

This workshop intends to open a creative space via zoom, to travel through various microworlds of children`s imaginations, to enrich the communication between the artist and the audience that meet each other in a non-physical space.

We will play with different objects, different perspectives and through playing with them we will try to open the space for new stories that children will create by themselves or in interaction with their family or friends during or after the workshop.

Having time to process new experiences and to use them in a creative way is very important so we will not rush but rather enjoy playing and meeting each other.

Tuesday 23rd February
10.30-10.55 / 11.15-11.40 / 12.00-12.25

(Bookings for open preschool/creche groups only – one per workshop)
Wednesday 24th February
10.30-10.55 / 11.15-11.40 / 12.00-12.25

(Bookings for open preschool/creche groups only. one per workshop)

Age: 3 – 6 years
Duration : 25 mins

Materials: You will need cardboard tubes of all shapes and sizes. (Cling film, toilet roll insides, kitchen roll-insides, etc.) You can also have cardboard cereal boxes to hand and scarves.

Svetlana Patafa is a professional actress, director and workshop leader for young audiences in Zagreb,
Croatia. She was a guest of Grasshoppers in person in 2019 and greatly enjoyed her time in Balbriggan!