Story workshop ‘Light in early years as an entertainment & educational tool‘ – with Emily Kml

Is it possible to speak, to a Lighthouse?
Is it possible for a Lighthouse to answer back?
Are you ready to say “Hi, Light!” to a Lighthouse?!

Light can hide or reveal, underline or imply, decode emotions or create them.“Hi, Light!” workshop aims to explore and unfold the ways young audiences interact with the light, functioning as a stimulus.

Thursday 25 February:
10.30-10.55 / 11.15-11.40 / 12.00-12.25 (Bookings for open preschool/creche groups only – one per workshop)
14.00-14.25 / 14.35-15.00 / 15.10-15.45 (3 individual family bookings per event only)

Duration: 25 mins

Age: 3-5 years old

About “The Little Foxes” baby theatre company – Greece

“The Little Foxes” baby theatre company creates theatrical performances and educational programs for early years audiences (0-6 years old). Constant research of new technological equipment, updating of new materials, performing ‘paths’ and early years’ matters aim to keep “The Little Foxes” work unique and refreshed over the years.

The company explores every aspect of early years’ perception and interest, using them in potential performances or educational programs.

Every fox-play uses a different material (clay, bubbles, water, yarn, cardboard box etc.) or technical means (projector, mobile lights, gobos, light objects, portable constructions etc.). All plays are productions or co-productions of “The Little Foxes”.
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