Festival Artists 2024

Joe Brennan

Joe is a wonderful storyteller for all audiences young and not so young! He will visit 2 settings on Tuesday 27th February and delight very young children with his tales.

Louise Conaghan

Louise Conaghan comes to us from the North of Ireland where she is well known and recognised (sometimes!!!) for her fabulous storytelling for families. Louise will deliver 2 workshops in early years settings in character and with some much loved games!

Dalia Mikoliunaite and Karolina Zernyte

These two much loved theatre artists come to Grasshoppers from Lithuania. Dalia is the founder of Teatrukas, a family concert and theatre company and Carolina is founder and director of Pojiuciu Teatras (Theatre of the senses). They will deliver 4 in-settings workshops on sensory play with a mild hint at transport!!!

Svetlana Patafta of Teatr Puna Kuca

Svetlana Patafta of Teatr Puna Kuca comes from Croatia to Grasshoppers with her beautiful tale about a Roma girl and her struggle to fit in. Svetlana will deliver 2 sessions with senior infant classes in Balbriggan.

Andra Burca

Andra Burca is a choreographer and early years artist from Romania, living in Italy. She has designed a beautiful movement workshop for our families looking at all things transport and train related!

Akvile Simanskiene

Akvile Simanskiene is a local artist who has specialised in public mosaic works around Balbriggan town. She will be leading a cyanography print workshop with adults who may be expecting or waiting at home for pick-up time to come!!!

Zdena Von Gaia

Zdena Von Gaia is a local Balbriggan musician and Yoga workshop leader. She will deliver 2 workshops in early years settings with a focus on yoga and fun animal shapes for children.

Angelica Santander

Angelica Santander brings us her brand new show for families on Saturday 2 March! She has visited us in the past with her wonderful circus and storytelling skills! Welcome back Angelica.

Dublin School of Capoeira

From the very first Grasshoppers back in 2019, we welcome back Dublin School of Capoeira with a session for all the family no matter what age! They will close our family day on Saturday 2nd March!

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