About Us

Grasshoppers International Early Years Festival is an organisation that presents high quality arts experiences for audiences aged 0-6 and their carers in Balbriggan. It is separated into three blocks of activity during the year.


  1. to engage the community in early years arts experiences of high quality
  2. to engage vetted and experienced individuals in the organisation
  3. to create a specific arts event for families in the area with the youngest citizens
  4. to attract families with young children into Balbriggan for the festival dates
  5. to introduce the town of Balbriggan to international guests (attracting tourism)
  6. to focus on the positive and creative talents available in the town and
    showcase them


  1. Advocacy workshops of six weeks duration
  2. Preschool and primary school junior infants public art exhibition (one month)
  3. International performances and workshops of high quality presented to local audiences in Balbriggan (one week to include a weekend)


Grasshoppers Early Years Festival is supported financially by Our Balbriggan, The Arts Council and Fingal Arts Office to date.
2024 is the fifth edition of the festival.