A Journey Through Motion * The Lighthouse* with Andra Burca (Romania/Italy)
(Creativity; Exploring and Thinking; Communication)

The Lighthouse is part of A Journey Through Motion Workshop series, dedicated to children from 2 to 4 years old, where they will explore the world around them through dance, movement and imaginative play.

The Lighthouse is the story of a Journey by the sea, a search for the point where the sea meets the sky, an unlimited world in our own imagination. It is an adventure in which we will create and explore the underwater world and the sky, using the body in mo.on, dance, music, light and simple props. Through this workshop, we will explore opposites like here-there, light-dark, up-down, small-big, fast- slow.

The compass of this journey is curiosity, our will to explore the unknown. We are safe in this adventure, as we have the guidance of the lighthouse. A small light that gives us the courage to leave, because it will be guiding us coming back or finding the land. The lighthouse is like a metaphor for a parent, a mentor, an educator who gives us the confidence to explore the world independently and for

The purpose of this workshop is to encourage creativity and the imagination and to create a space where we communicate and interact with each other, creating and telling stories with our moving bodies.

Tuesday 23rd February
14.00-14.25 / 14.35-15.00 / 15.10-15.45
(3 individual family bookings per event only)

Wednesday 24th February
10.30-10.55 / 11.15-11.40 / 12.00-12.25
(Bookings for open preschool/creched groups only – one per workshop)

Age: 2 to 4 years old

Andra Burca is a professional dancer and choreographer for early years living and working in Bologna, Italy. She is originally from Romania and she leads dance workshops online with families and children in Romania since the middle of Lockdown 2020 .
See Andra’s work here: https://www.facebook.com/cursuri.dans)