“This is such an amazing festival – especially now! I was at the baby sing along class this morning and it really filled my heart! Thanks so so much” 

(Aoife – mother of two boys aged 7 months and 3 years)

“The girls have had a great time this week! Something to look forward to each day and something new to talk about!”

(Mary – mother of three girls aged 3, 2 and 7 months.)

“…Thank you for this session – Rebecca was fantastic and we really enjoyed it!” 

(Aine – mother of baby aged <12 months)

“Fionn (3) absolutely loved the Storytelling workshop with Svetlana this morning. It was very creative and inspiring. His big brother (6) painted this picture of Balbriggan Lighthouse.Looking forward to the rest of the Festival. 

Thanks for keeping it going online this year, needed more than ever!!”

( Orla – mum of two boys aged 3 and 6)

“ This took 3 days for him to do and he put his heart and soul into it…he says he’s looking down at his grandparents in Greece and Luxembourg cousins in UK and USA and aunt in New Zealand and uncle in New York, all of whom didn’t make it home due to covid. “

(Helen – mother of 5 year old boy)

“Thank you for this festival and the joy of sharing theatre in these times of isolation. My son (15 months) and I had so much fun watching your livestream storytelling and making lots of sounds along with it. Also it was wonderful to be part of the live paper performance with Dalia and to watch and listen to all the precious moments presented with such a warm heart.” 

(Julia – mum of a 15 month old boy)

“She absolutely loved that! – She’s all buzzed up about it!” 

(Julie – mum of 3 year old after Emily Kml’s Lighthouse workshop.)

“It was sooooo fantastic! F. was absolutely absorbed by the paper. It was so nice to see the hands showing the story …You made my day!”

(Claudia – mum to 13 month old girl.)

“Thanks for the workshop today and nice to connect with you! As you spotted, I am a dance artist… and since having kids have been making work with them and other families.”

(Rachel – mum of 2 girls)